404 Found

Exhibited in DesignxDesigners for Design week | 2019 



/ Let the VUP wear the immigrants’ shoes, experiencing a future based mostly on luck, trust and discovery with text-based game.

Target - from 8 y/o

/ Mid-level digital attitude
/ Sci-fi enthusiasts
/ Story driven lovers


Gio, an Italian guy, unexpectedly discovers a strange 404 error page, working on the deep web. Suspicious and surprised, Gio realises, that behind the page, there is a person coming from a mysterious place, called the Cubers. 
It turns out that Gio entered inside 404's mind, a girl who leaves in the sky, by hacking the cloud system of the Cubers. Gio discovers the existence of a generation of artificial kids created in laboratory on a strange spaceship built by a group of scientists at the end of the XIXth century seeking for immortality.
The Cubers float in the troposphere, where the time pass slowly. The memories about Earth soon faded away, only scientific progress were important, expanded and shared everyday between the Cuber’s people.
After knowing more about Earth, 404 gets so fascinated by it that she decides to escape from the Cubers with the help of Gio.
Everything seemed ready, but nothing turned out according to the plan. A promising land turns to be a place of misery and despair, that will challenge 404 hardly. 
Will she find her way?


>> Trust                  
>> Hope                  
>> Change              
>> Discover


/the shapeshifter
/the hero
/the mentor & trickster
/the herald
/the treshold guardian
/the allie
Cuber AI
/the shadow


/metatheatre performance
Chapter 6 - Carrying out
/escape room
Chapter 5 - Escape L.V.
/runner game
Chapter 4 - Reach Earth
/point & click video game
Chapter 3 - The plan
/online video
Chapter 2 - The 4th Generation
/text based game
Chapter 1 - Don't chat with strangers


Scenes from Game


Game Environment

Narrative Structure
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